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Expulsion of Germans after World War II: Quiz


Question 1: [123] He also states that the 2.225 million number relies on improper statistical methodology and incomplete data, particularly in regard to the expellees who arrived in ________.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyCommunist RomaniaCommunist state

Question 2: [47] In the Treaty of London, signed February 26, 1953, ________ and Denmark agreed on compensation payments of 160 million Danish Crowns, which West Germany paid between 1953 and 1958.
East GermanyWest GermanyGerman EmpireAllied-occupied Germany

Question 3: [183] ________ sought to avoid alienating the Soviet Union and its neighbours; the Polish and Czechoslovakian governments characterised the expulsions as "a just punishment for Nazi crimes".
Communist stateEast GermanyCommunist RomaniaCzechoslovak Socialist Republic

Question 4: By this time, all of Eastern and much of ________ was under Soviet occupation.
European integrationSchengen AreaEuropean Economic AreaCentral Europe

Question 5: In the Soviet zone the number rose to 4.2 million by 1948 (24.2% of the population) and 4.4 million[115] by 1950,[116][117] when the Soviet zone had become the state of ________.
East GermanySoviet UnionCommunist stateCommunist Romania

Question 6: 1.9 million ethnic Germans were expelled to the American zone of what would become ________.
German EmpireAllied-occupied GermanyWest GermanyEast Germany

Question 7: [129] The commission also included then young historians of 'the second generation' like Martin Broszat and ________.
Andreas HillgruberErnst NolteSonderwegHans-Ulrich Wehler

Question 8: [104] Thousands of German children, called the ________, had been left orphaned and unattended or died with their parents during the harsh winter without food.
Wolf childrenWorld War IIEast PrussiaKaliningrad Oblast

Question 9: The displacements occurred in three somewhat overlapping phases, the first of which was the spontaneous flight and evacuation of Germans in the face of the advancing ________, from mid-1944 to early 1945.
Red ArmyEastern Front (World War II)RussiaSoviet Armed Forces

Question 10: During the German occupation of Eastern Europe under Nazism, many citizens of German descent registered with the ________.
Polish areas annexed by Nazi GermanyVolksdeutscheNazi GermanyVolksliste

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