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Expressive aphasia: Quiz


Question 1: [1] Expressive aphasia is one subset of a larger family of disorders known collectively as ________.
Receptive aphasiaAphasiaNominal aphasiaGerstmann syndrome

Question 2: Cholinergic drugs (________, Aniracetam, Bifemelane) – acts on acetylcholine systems[13]

Question 3: [14] ________ studies have shown that recovery can be partially attributed to the activation of tissue around the damaged area and the recruitment of new neurons in these areas to compensate for the lost function.
Magnetic resonance imagingPositron emission tomographyFunctional magnetic resonance imagingMedical imaging

Question 4: In ________ (TMS), magnetic fields are used to create electrical currents in specified cortical regions.
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosisMigraineHuman brainTranscranial magnetic stimulation

Question 5: [9] Depression, ________, and social withdrawal are all factors which have been proven to negatively affect a patient's chance of recovery.
Mental confusionEmotionAnxietyHostility

Question 6: ________ – acts on the GABA-Minergic system[13]

Question 7: It is believed that CIAT works by the mechanism of increased ________.
NeuroplasticityBrain–computer interfaceNeurophysiologyNeuromodulation

Question 8: Expressive aphasia was first identified by the French neurologist ________.
Broca's areaPaul BrocaCraniometryRacism

Question 9: ________ drugs (Dexamphetamine, Methylphenidate, Chlordiazepoxide)[13]

Question 10: The most famous case of this was ________'s patient Leborgne, nicknamed "Tan", after the only syllable he could say.
Expressive aphasiaBroca's areaPaul BrocaCraniometry

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