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Expounding of the Law: Quiz


Question 1: From an early stage, the ________ clearly excluded divorce.
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Gregory IPope

Question 2: It begins by making a now famous quotation from Leviticus - love thy neighbour as thyself,[91] also known as the ________.
New TestamentGreat CommandmentBibleSeptuagint

Question 3: Ancient sects
EbionitesJewish ChristiansDidacheJudaizers

Question 4: Some view the statement as eschatological, regarding that "till heaven and earth pass" means that Mosaic law would be superseded in the ________, though most view it simply as an idiom for the inconceivable.
Last JudgmentEnd timeApocalypseEschatology

Question 5: According to ________, Jesus expanded the law but did not replace it.
Blaise PascalThomas AquinasAnselm of CanterburyAugustine of Hippo

Question 6: Marcion alone perceived their decisive religious importance, and with them confronted the legalizing, and in this sense ________, tendencies of his Christian contemporaries.
Jewish ChristiansJudaizersChristianity and JudaismDidache

Question 7: [67] The most common view is that Raca is a reference to the ________ word reka (see also Aramaic of Jesus), which literally means empty one, probably referring to empty headed, or foolish.
Akkadian languageArabic languageAramaic languageSemitic languages

Question 8: Some writers have argued that raca can mean ________ and moros referring to a homosexual aggressor, and so Jesus could here be seen to be condemning homophobia.
Drag queenAndrogynyEffeminacyGender role

Question 9: Adversity
List of events in early Christianity
Paul of Tarsus and Judaism
Christian anti-semitism
Bar Kokhba Revolt
Aelia Capitolina
Emperor Constantine
Biblical law in ChristianityNew CovenantAntinomianismCircumcision controversy in early Christianity

Question 10: Though this appears to quite clearly advocate a radical degree of ________, many Christians reject this interpretation.
NonviolencePacifismPeace movementPeace churches


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