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Question 1: we firstly let c be the normalizing factor to convert to a ________:
Measure (mathematics)Event (probability theory)Probability theoryProbability space

Question 2: ________, the core routing protocol on the Internet, has to maintain a routing table in order to remember the paths a packet can be deviated to.
Border Gateway ProtocolIPsecOpen Shortest Path FirstIPv6

Question 3: In ________, some believe that the body of knowledge of any particular science is gradually disproved according to an exponential decay pattern (see half-life of knowledge).
Relationship between religion and scienceScientific revolutionHistory of scienceScientific method

Question 4: Symbolically, this process can be modeled by the following ________, where N is the quantity and λ (lambda) is a positive number called the decay constant:
Dynamical systems theoryMathematicsDifferential equationCalculus

Question 5: The notation λ for the decay constant is a remnant of the usual notation for an ________.
Vector spaceEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceMatrix (mathematics)Linear algebra

Question 6: ________-210 has a half-life of 138 days, and a mean lifetime of 200 days.

Question 7: In this case, λ is the eigenvalue of the opposite of the ________ with N(t) as the corresponding eigenfunction.
Differential operatorDerivativeEigenvalue, eigenvector and eigenspaceJet (mathematics)

Question 8: (Furthermore, the particular case of a capacitor discharging through several parallel ________ makes an interesting example of multiple decay processes, with each resistor representing a separate process.
Electrical resistanceElectrical impedanceElectronic componentResistor

Question 9: The rates of certain types of ________ depend on the concentration of one or another reactant.
NitrogenChemistryChemical reactionHydrogen

Question 10: In pharmacology and toxicology, it is found that many administered substances are distributed and ________ (see clearance) according to exponential decay patterns.
Metabolism3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-CoA lyaseAmino acidLipid metabolism


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