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Question 1: The sounds of Indian music and ________ were also widely admired and adapted.
Arabic pop musicArabic musicRaïMiddle Eastern music

Question 2: With multi-layered sound over sound delay tracks Liam Finn incorporated noise rock sound structures in his ________ songs.
Bob DylanSinger-songwriterJames TaylorJoan Baez

Question 3: A different form is not hanging objects on the strings, but divide the string in two with a third bridge and play the inverse side, causing resonating bell-like ________ tones at the pick-up side.
Perfect fourthHarmonicOctaveUnison

Question 4: British band Radiohead, who became popular in the 1990s playing alternative rock, began experimenting with different musical styles at the turn of the millennium, with the album Kid A, and then in 2001 with ________.
AmnesiacHail to the ThiefOK ComputerIn Rainbows

Question 5: Incorporation of instruments, tunings, ________ or scales from non-Western musical traditions.
Meter (music)Musical notationRhythmTime signature

Question 6: For example, guitar strings can have a weight attached at a certain point, changing their ________ characteristics.
Perfect fourthUnisonOctaveHarmonic

Question 7: further expanded the boundaries of rock by introducing influences from minimalism and conceptualism, as well as pop art, situationism and ________ and influences from the new media culture of the 1980s.
Conceptual artFluxusNoise (music)Neo-Dada

Question 8: Some of Miles Davis' early-70s work such as On the Corner or A Tribute to Jack Johnson straddles or even defines the line between Jazz fusion, ________ and Rock.

Question 9: Later experimental indie bands include Circus Devils, ________, Kling Klang, Liars, Man Man, The Fiery Furnaces, TV on the Radio, U.S. Maple and Xiu Xiu.
Milk Man (Deerhoof album)The Runners FourDeerhoofFriend Opportunity

Question 10: Sampling technology had been present within pop music for a large portion of the decade, however, artists such as Kate Bush, ________ and so forth innovated an experimental pop music take on the use of sampling technology.
Brian EnoFor Your PleasureRoxy Music (album)Brian Eno discography


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