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Exothermic reaction: Quiz


Question 1: Many ________ reactions such as oxidation of metals

Question 2: When using a ________, the change in heat of the calorimeter is equal to the opposite of the change in heat of the system.
Laboratory flaskLaboratory glasswareHot air ovenCalorimeter

Question 3: Adding water to anhydrous ________
Copper(II) sulfatePotassium permanganateEthanolSodium nitrite

Question 4: In endergonic reactions and exergonic reactions it is the sign of the ________ that determines the equilibrium point, and not enthalpy.
Internal energyEntropyGibbs free energyStatistical mechanics

Question 5: A ________ is very suitable for measuring the energy change, ΔH, of a combustion reaction.
Laboratory glasswareCalorimeterLaboratory flaskHot air oven

Question 6: Reactions taking place in a self-heating can based on lime and ________

Question 7: This positive feedback situation is known as ________.
Thermal runawayBipolar junction transistorElectronic amplifierChemical accident

Question 8: An exothermic reaction is a ________ that releases energy in the form of heat.
NitrogenChemistryChemical reactionHydrogen

Question 9: The ________ change, ΔH, of a chemical reaction is much easier to measure and calculate.
Gibbs free energyHelmholtz free energyInternal energyEnthalpy

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