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Exoskeleton: Quiz


Question 1: Contrary to a common misconception, ________ do not possess an exoskeleton, as their test is always contained within a layer of living tissue.

Question 2: Calcium carbonate has two forms, the stable calcite, and the ________ aragonite, which is stable within a reasonable range of chemical environments but rapidly becomes unstable outside this range.

Question 3: [8] Most other shell forming organisms appear during the Cambrian period, with the Bryozoans being the only calcifying phylum to appear later, in the ________.
OrdovicianCarboniferousGeologic time scaleSilurian

Question 4: Some organisms, such as some ________, agglutinate exoskeletons by sticking grains of sand and shell to their exterior.

Question 5: However, some Precambrian (________) organisms produced tough outer shells,[3] while others, such as Cloudina, had a calcified exoskeleton.
EdiacaranCryogenianPaleontologyGeologic time scale

Question 6: Silica forms the exoskeleton in the microscopic ________ and radiolaria.

Question 7: Bone, cartilage, or dentine is used in the Ostracoderm fish and ________.

Question 8: Exoskeletal machines (also called ________) are also starting to be used for medical and industrial purposes, while powered human exoskeletons are a feature of science fiction writing, but are currently moving into prototype stage.
Powered exoskeletonFuture Force WarriorDominant Species (novel)Starship Troopers

Question 9: ________ is the field dealing with orthoses, their use, and their manufacture.
AnatomyOrthoticsScoliosisAnkle-foot orthosis

Question 10: Some animals, such as the ________, have both an endoskeleton and an exoskeleton.
TurtleTortoiseGreen turtleGeochelone


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