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Question 1: In ________, "exogenous" refers to an action or object coming from the outside of a system.

Question 2: In attentional psychology, exogenous refers to ________ being drawn without conscious intention[1].
MemoryCognitive psychologyExecutive functionsAttention

Question 3: ________, erosion, transportation and sedimentation are the main exogenous processes.
WeatheringCalcium carbonateMineralOxygen

Question 4: In an ________ model, an exogenous change is one that comes from outside the model and is unexplained by the model.
EconomicsHeterodox economicsKeynesian economicsMoney

Question 5:
  • Exogenous factors in ________ include both pathogens and therapeutics.
    MedicinePhysicianSpecialty (medicine)Surgery

Question 6: In ________, the study of games, exogenous refers to anything outside the game itself.
Game studiesHistoryCultureSocial sciences

Question 7: Exogenous processes are all taking place at the outside of the ________ and all the other planets.

Question 8: In ________, it means that the variable is independent of all other response values.
Polynomial regressionRegression analysisLinear regressionBayesian experimental design

Question 9: For example, in the simple ________ model, a change in consumer tastes or preferences is unexplained by the model and also leads to endogenous changes in demand that lead to changes in the equilibrium price.
Neoclassical economicsMicroeconomicsKeynesian economicsSupply and demand

Question 10: For example, an exogenous contrast agent in medical imaging refers to a liquid injected into the patient ________ that enhances visibility of a pathology, such as a tumor.
Cream (pharmaceutical)EnemaIntraosseous infusionIntravenous therapy


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