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Question 1: Arnauld thought that a ________ or judgment, consists of taking two different ideas and either putting them together or rejecting them:
Bertrand RussellNominalismAristotleProposition

Question 2:
Who played Vincent Morrell the movie Existence?
Max Baker
Max Baker
Gabriel Pimentel
Matthew McGrory

Question 3: Thus if we reason from the statement ________ flies to the statement Pegasus exists, we are not asserting that Pegasus is made up of atoms, but rather that Pegasus exists in a particular worldview, the worldview of classical myth.
Greek mythologyMusePegasusPoseidon

Question 4: The ________ approach is to argue that certain noun phrases can be "eliminated" by rewriting a sentence in a form that has the same meaning, but which does not contain the noun phrase.
NominalismAristotleLogical positivismScholasticism

Question 5: [12] ________ challenged this, so also (as is better known) did Frege.
Franz BrentanoAristotleMartin HeideggerEdmund Husserl

Question 6: This is important to optimization problems of local ________ of where the function does exist.
Maxima and minimaReal numberSecond derivative testOptimization (mathematics)

Question 7: The Twelve Links of Conditioned Existence describe the empirical study of the cause and effect relationships in the analysis of phenomena arising to existence, according to ________ principles.

Question 8: ________, assigns probabilities to any statement and can be constructed to represent a subjective degree of belief in a statement, given the existing evidence.
Bayes' theoremBayesian probabilityBayesian inferenceDecision theory

Question 9:
When was the Existence?
January 2010

Question 10: [8] ________ looks at the underpinning logic of the scientific method, at what separates science from non-science, and the ethic that is implicit in science.
Relationship between religion and scienceRhetoric of sciencePhilosophy of sciencePseudoscience

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