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Question 1: Prisoners are strapped to a stretcher and executed via ________ inside the van.
Capital punishment in the United StatesTortureCapital punishmentLethal injection

Question 2: There is fear also that mobile execution units have made organ harvesting much easier and more profitable, as ________ does not damage the body.
Capital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishmentLethal injectionTorture

Question 3: A ________ is put into the arm by a technician and a police official administers the injection by pressing a button.
SyringePlasticLiquidHypodermic needle

Question 4: ________ depression sets in, ultimately stopping breathing in and depriving the heart of oxygen hypoxia, ending the person's life.
Grey matterNeuronCentral nervous systemWhite matter

Question 5: Activists charge that the bodies are quickly ________, which makes it impossible for family members to determine if organs have in fact been removed.
CremationHuman sacrificeSacrificeBurial

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