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Question 1: In ________, the customary method is a single shot aimed at the heart or at the brain stem, if the prisoner consents to organ donation.
Taiwanese peoplePhilippinesTaiwanTaiwanese aborigines

Question 2: In ________, during the Mughal rule, soldiers who committed crimes were executed by being strapped to a cannon which was then fired.
Lok SabhaResearch and Analysis WingIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementIndia

Question 3: In the People's Republic of China, shooting as a method of execution takes two typical formats, either an ________ shot in the back of the head or in the neck or a shot by an automatic rifle in the back from behind.
FN FALM14 rifleM16 rifleAssault rifle

Question 4: This method, invented by the Mughals, was continued by the British who used it to execute native deserters and mutineers, especially after the ________.
Indian Rebellion of 1857Siege of CawnporeSiege of DelhiIndian independence movement

Question 5: In ________, the method of execution today, inherited from Soviet legislation, remains a bullet to the neck.

Question 6: Method of Execution: A Stark Tradition ________, September 30, 2006
International Herald TribuneThe Boston GlobeThe New York TimesThe New York Times Company

Question 7: Execution by shooting is a form of ________ whereby an executed person is shot by one or more firearms.
StoningCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishmentTorture

Question 8: It is the most common method of execution worldwide, used in about 70 countries,[1] with ________ being one particular form.
Capital punishmentCapital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United StatesExecution by firing squad

Question 9: In 20th century communist states, shooting was a standard form of execution of civilians and military prisoners alike, with the ________ setting an example of single-executioner approach.
East GermanySoviet UnionJoseph StalinRussia

Question 10: The ________, with its usual solemn and lengthy ceremony was used infrequently, with the most common method being the firing of a pistol bullet into the back of the head.
Capital punishment in the United KingdomExecution by firing squadCapital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishment

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