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Question 1: Execution by firing squad is a method of ________, particularly common in military circumstances or in times of war.
TortureCapital punishmentReligion and capital punishmentStoning

Question 2: In the Irish Civil War of 1922-23, the new Irish government officially executed 77 ________ members by firing squad (see Executions during the Irish Civil War).
Irish republicanismIrish Republican Army (1922–1969)Irish Republican ArmyProvisional Irish Republican Army

Question 3: During the ________, several Independentist generals (such as Miguel Hidalgo and José María Morelos) were executed by Spanish firing squads.
History of MexicoMexican War of IndependenceViceroyalty of New SpainMexico

Question 4: [4] Finland is party to the Optional protocol of the ________, forbidding the use of the death penalty in all circumstances.
Universal suffrageInternational human rights lawInternational Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural RightsInternational Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

Question 5: [9]________ immortalized the execution in a now-famous painting, The Execution of Emperor Maximilian; he painted at least three versions.
Edgar DegasLe déjeuner sur l'herbeÉdouard ManetImpressionism

Question 6: Following the 1916 ________ in Ireland, 15 of the 16 rebel leaders were shot by the British military authorities under martial law.
Easter RisingConstance MarkiewiczLiam MellowsPatrick Pearse

Question 7: [8] Also, Emperor ________ and several of his generals were executed in the Cerro de las Campanas after the Juaristas took control of Mexico in 1867.
Archduke Franz Ferdinand of AustriaArchduke Ludwig Viktor of AustriaMaximilian I of MexicoFranz Joseph I of Austria

Question 8: The method is also the supreme punishment or disciplinary means employed by ________ for crimes such as cowardice, desertion or mutiny.
Military justiceJudge Advocate General's CorpsMilitaryCourt-martial

Question 9: Nigerian drug smugglers Samuel Iwachekwu Okoye and Hansen Anthoni Nwaolisa were executed in June 2008 in ________ Island.
Central JavaPramoedya Ananta ToerKambangan IslandJava

Question 10: Anton Mussert, a Dutch Nazi leader, was sentenced to death by firing squad and executed in the dunes near ________ on May 7, 1946.
LeidenThe HagueSouth HollandRotterdam

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