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Exclamation mark: Quiz


Question 1: Early e-mail systems also used the exclamation mark as a separator character between hostnames for routing information, usually referred to as "________" notation.
Simple Mail Transfer ProtocolComputerBulletin board systemUUCP

Question 2: This can be in protest or astonishment ("Out of all places; the squatter-camp?!") however this can be replaced with a single punctuation mark; the ________.

Question 3: means "the product of the ________ from 1 to n".
Field (mathematics)IntegerNatural numberRational number

Question 4: [1] In German orthography, the sign made its first appearance in the ________ in 1797.
Biblical canonNew TestamentVulgateLuther Bible

Question 5: Comic book writer ________ once accidentally signed his name with an exclamation due to the habit of using them when writing comic scripts; it became his professional name from then on.
DC ComicsSupermanMark WaidElliot S. Maggin

Question 6: The exclamation mark is common to languages using the ________, although usage varies slightly between languages.
Phoenician alphabetLatin alphabetArabic alphabetRunic alphabet

Question 7: != B means "A is not equal to B", and !A means "the logical ________ of A" (also called "not A").
Truth tableExclusive orNegationLogical connective

Question 8: The English town of Westward Ho!, named after the novel by ________, is the only place name in the United Kingdom that officially contains an exclamation mark.
Charles KingsleyClovellyCharles DarwinGeorge MacDonald

Question 9: Exclamation marks or ________ can be used on scorecards to denote a "great defensive play".
AmpersandAsteriskPercent signBracket

Question 10: Instead, one typed a full stop, backspaced, and then typed an ________.
TildeAt signGuillemetsApostrophe

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