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Question 1:
When was the Exception handling?
January 2010
December 2008
11th century

Question 2: A different view of exceptions is based on the principles of ________ and is supported in particular by the Eiffel language.
Design by contractAssertion (computing)Java (programming language)Object-oriented programming

Question 3: ________'s stackless implementation supports constant-time exception handling without stack unwinding.
ML (programming language)Functional programmingStandard MLMythryl

Question 4: The restarts offered constitute the mechanisms available for recovering from error; the selection of restart by the condition handler supplies the ________.
Political sciencePolicyPolicy analysisPolicy studies

Question 5: Later, ________ had a similar feature.
Java (programming language)Object-oriented programmingProgramming languageModula-3

Question 6: A piece of code is said to be exception-safe, if run-time failures within the code will not produce ill effects, such as ________, garbled stored data, or invalid output.
Garbage collection (computer science)C (programming language)Java (programming language)Memory leak

Question 7: Notably, C++ does not need and does not provide this construct, and the ________ technique should be used to free such resources instead.
Garbage collection (computer science)Java (programming language)C (programming language)Resource Acquisition Is Initialization

Question 8: From the processing point of view, hardware ________ are similar to resume-able exceptions, though they are typically unrelated to the user's program flow.
Process management (computing)Device driverOperating systemInterrupt

Question 9: Many computer languages, such as ________, Ada, C++, D, ECMAScript, Eiffel, Java, ML, Object Pascal (e.g.
ActionScriptJavaScriptDojo ToolkitObjective-J

Question 10: In general, an exception is handled (resolved) by saving the current state of execution in a predefined place and switching the execution to a specific ________ known as an exception handler.
Assembly languageProgramming languageC (programming language)Subroutine

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