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Ex opere operato: Quiz


Question 1: In the ________ tradition, the principle of "ex opere operato" is made conditional upon worthy reception.
Ecumenical councilEpiscopal Church (United States)AnglicanismCatholicism

Question 2: This principle holds that the effect of the sacrament is a result, not of the holiness of a priest or minister, but rather of ________ Himself who is the Author (directly or indirectly) of each sacrament.
JesusChristNew TestamentGospel

Question 3: Ex opere operato is a ________ phrase meaning "from the work done" referring to the efficacy of the Sacraments deriving from the action of the Sacrament as opposed to the merits or holiness of the priest or minister.
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 4: According to the teaching of the ________, to receive the fruits of the sacraments requires that a person be properly disposed.
PopePope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic Church

Question 5: When the recipient is properly disposed, the grace of the sacrament is effective and is received even if the ________ or minister is in a serious state of sin.
Liturgical bookLutheranismBishopPriest

Question 6: There must be, at least in the case of an adult, an openness to receive the grace which is available in a ________.
Protestant ReformationSacramentInfant baptismBaptism

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