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Evolutionary psychology: Quiz


Question 1: The term environment of evolutionary adaptedness was coined by ________ as part of attachment theory.
John BowlbyAttachment-based therapy (children)Erik EriksonJean Piaget

Question 2: ________ and Nikolaas Tinbergen were pioneers in developing the theoretical framework for ethology for which they would receive a Nobel prize in 1973.
Karl von FrischRenato DulbeccoGeorge WaldKonrad Lorenz

Question 3: ________
Ecological genetics
Evolutionary development
Human evolution
Molecular evolution
Population genetics
Computational phylogeneticsCladisticsCladeGhost lineage

Question 4: Evolutionary psychology is founded on the ________, the theory that the mind, our "inner world," is the action of complex neural structures in the brain.
Philosophy of mindAlan TuringChinese roomComputational theory of mind

Question 5: Evolutionary psychology (EP) attempts to explain psychological traits—such as memory, perception, or language—as ________, that is, as the functional products of natural selection or sexual selection.
Introduction to evolutionPopulation geneticsAdaptationModern evolutionary synthesis

Question 6: Genetically based inheritance of traits - some traits are passed down from parents to offspring in ________,

Question 7: the evolutionary process (i.e., ________) that resulted in the adaptation (functionality).
Ghost lineageCladeComputational phylogeneticsPhylogenetics

Question 8: Humans, comprising the genus Homo, appeared between 1.5 and 2.5 million years ago, a time that roughly coincides with the start of the ________ 1.8 million years ago.
Glacial periodPleistoceneLast glacial periodLittle Ice Age

Question 9: In ________, what matters most is that individuals live long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes.
AdaptationNatural selectionModern evolutionary synthesisIntroduction to evolution

Question 10: "________" (e.g., ideas, rituals, tunes, cultural fads, etc.) can replicate and spread from brain to brain, and many of the same evolutionary principles that apply to genes apply to memes as well.
MindMemeMemeticsEvolutionary psychology

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