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Question 1: However, at both common law and under evidence codifications such as the ________, there are dozens of exclusions from and exceptions to the hearsay rule.
Exculpatory evidenceBusiness records exceptionFederal Rules of EvidenceDNA profiling

Question 2: The MBE predominantly tests evidence under the ________, giving little attention to matters for which state law is likely to be inconsistent.
DNA profilingExculpatory evidenceFederal Rules of EvidenceBusiness records exception

Question 3: These include the exclusionary rule of criminal procedure, which prohibits the admission in a criminal trial of evidence gained by unconstitutional means, and the parol evidence rule of ________, which prohibits the admission of extrinsic evidence of the contents of a written contract.
ContractShariaDelegation (law)Duress

Question 4: In countries that follow the ________, evidence is normally studied as a branch of procedural law.
Civil law (legal system)Roman lawCommon lawSharia

Question 5: That is, the existence of the main fact is deduced from the indirect or circumstantial evidence by a process of probable ________.
ReasonEmpiricismAristotleBertrand Russell

Question 6: Evidence of an indirect nature which implies the existence of the main ________ in question but does not in itself prove it.

Question 7: Some of the privileges that are often recognized are the marital secrets privilege, the adverse spousal testimony privilege, the ________, the doctor-patient privilege, the psychotherapist-patient and counselor-patient privilege, the state secrets privilege and the clergy-penitent privilege.
Attorney-client privilegeLegal professional privilege (Australia)Legal professional privilege (common law)Legal professional privilege (England & Wales)

Question 8: The introduction of a defendant's ________ or DNA sample are examples of circumstantial evidence.
DNA profilingFingerprintForensic scienceForensic entomology

Question 9: Recall, however, that courts of law deal with what is reasonable, not with ________.

Question 10: Per the ________ (FRE) Rule 401, Relevant evidence has the "tendency to make the existence of any fact that is of consequence to the determination of the action more probable or less probable than it would be without the evidence."
Federal Rules of EvidenceExculpatory evidenceDNA profilingBusiness records exception


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