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Events preceding World War II in Asia: Quiz


Question 1: February, 1939: Japan captures ________, which is seen to have strategic implications by the British.
HainanHong KongYunnanBeijing

Question 2: October, 1938: The Japanese Central China Army captures Hankow, ending their advance up the ________.
ShanghaiJiangsuYangtze RiverHubei

Question 3: Japanese control over ________ until World War 2 is assured.
Korean PeninsulaSouth KoreaNorth KoreaKorea

Question 4: The Chinese government in Nanking declared its intent to resist Japan, marking the start of the ________.
Second Sino-Japanese WarWorld War IIOperation Ichi-GoPacific War

Question 5: Resistance fails and within six months the occupation of ________ is complete.
ManchuriaManchukuoYuan DynastyNortheast China

Question 6: The ________ demonstrates the difficulty the Japanese have in controlling their army in the field.
Nanking Massacre controversy and denialNanking MassacreBattle of NankingNanjing War Crimes Tribunal

Question 7: The incident is known as the "9.18 Incident" thereafter in China (see ________ for details).
Mukden IncidentSecond Sino-Japanese WarChinchow OperationMarco Polo Bridge Incident

Question 8: Manchukuo was not recognized by the ________ and Japan subsequently withdrew from the organization.
United Nations Trusteeship CouncilUnited Nations DayLeague of NationsParis Peace Conference, 1919

Question 9: Using the incident as a pretext, the ________ is launched.
Chinchow OperationPacification of ManchukuoMukden IncidentJapanese invasion of Manchuria

Question 10: 1914: During ________ Japan and other Allies seize German colonial possessions.
Western Front (World War I)World War IArmenian GenocideCaucasus Campaign


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