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Even-toed ungulate: Quiz


Question 1: [8] There is clear evidence of antelopes being used for food 2 million years ago in the ________, part of the Great Rift Valley.
OldowanOlduvai GorgeAcheuleanHuman evolution

Question 2:
What kind of animal is a Even-toed ungulate?
incertae sedis
see text

Question 3:
What period does the fossils of the Even-toed ungulate come from?
Early Eocene to Recent
Early Eocene - Recent
Eocene -, Recent
Eocene to Oligocene

Question 4: As with many mammal groups, even-toed ungulates first appeared during the Early ________ (about 54 million years ago).
Geologic time scalePaleoceneEoceneEarth

Question 5:
What phylum does Even-toed ungulate belong to?

Question 6: Most of the fermentation occurs in the caecum with the help of ________ microorganisms.

Question 7: In form they were rather like today's chevrotains: small, short-legged creatures that ate ________ and the soft parts of plants.
SeedFlowering plantFruitLeaf

Question 8: (*) Cetancodonta contains the order ________ as well.
Toothed whaleCetaceaOceanic dolphinBeaked whale

Question 9: Strictly speaking, the Cetancodonta are a subclade of the superorder ________.
CetartiodactylaHippopotamusEven-toed ungulateSuina

Question 10: [3] Currently the cetaceans and even-toed ungulates have been placed in ________ as sister groups, although DNA analysis has shown cetaceans evolved from within Artiodactyla.

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