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Question 1: Eve is "liaison to the Senior Partners" of Wolfram & Hart after Angel and his crew takes over the ________ branch of the firm.
Long Beach, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan Jose, CaliforniaGlendale, California

Question 2: Eve frequently mentions Spike's new status as champion when he is recorporealized, and even puts a ________ creature on Angel that sends him into a world of illusions, in which Angel has become a loser and Spike the champion.
ToxoplasmosisCatDirofilaria immitisParasitism

Question 3: Season 5 (2003–2004) - "Conviction"; "Hell Bound"; "Life of the Party"; "Lineage"; "Destiny"; "Soul Purpose"; "You're Welcome"; "________"; "Underneath"; "Not Fade Away"
Smile TimeNot Fade Away (Angel)A Hole in the WorldAngel DVDs

Question 4: Though Eve has sex with Angel once, under mystical circumstances, at some point she meets and falls in love with ________.
Darla (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)Cordelia ChaseAngel (TV series)Lindsey McDonald

Question 5: I went to UC Santa Cruz." Angel never does fully trust her due to the fact she is directly involved with the ________.
Wolfram & HartLindsey McDonaldAngel DVDsLilah Morgan

Question 6: Eve is a ________ appearing in the fifth season of the cult television series Angel.
Character (arts)NovelSatirePoetry

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