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Question 1: In England, ________ and Martyn Lloyd-Jones emerged as key leaders in evangelical Christianity.
All Souls Church, Langham PlaceJohn StottAnglicanismEvangelicalism

Question 2: An example of this can be seen in the ________.
AladuraAfrican Initiated ChurchZionist ChurchesPentecostalism

Question 3: The start of the 19th century saw an increase in missionary work and many of the major missionary societies were founded around this time (see ________).
Christianity in the 19th centuryChristianity in the 17th centuryTimeline of Christian missionsChristianity in the 20th century

Question 4: For instance, based on the biblical position that marriage is defined as only between one man and one woman, they tend to oppose state recognition of same-sex marriage and ________.
PolyamoryRomance (love)Human sexual behaviorSexual orientation

Question 5: The post-war period also saw growth of the ecumenical movement and the founding of the World Council of Churches, which was generally regarded with suspicion by the evangelical community (see ________).
BaptistEvangelical Protestant views on ecumenismEvangelicalismFundamentalism

Question 6: The traditionalists, characterized by high affinity for ________ Christian beliefs, (e.g.
Christian denominationBaptistProtestantismChristianity

Question 7: [14] As a result, the dichotomy between "evangelical" and "mainline" denominations is increasingly complex, particularly with such innovations as the "________" movement.
Restorationism (Christian primitivism)Christian heresyEmerging churchChristology

Question 8: The term is used by others with comparable intent, often to distinguish evangelicals in the so-called ________ from post-evangelicals and anti-evangelicals.
ChristologyRestorationism (Christian primitivism)Emerging churchChristian heresy

Question 9: American), has resulted in the political disposition that has been labeled the ________, whose most visible spokesmen have been figures like Jerry Falwell and the television evangelist Pat Robertson.
Christian leftChristian democracyChristian rightDominionism

Question 10: By the mid-1950s, largely due to the ecumenical evangelism of ________, the terms evangelicalism and fundamentalism began to refer to two different movements.
Jerry FalwellSouthern Baptist ConventionBilly GrahamRick Warren

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