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Evangelical Lutheran Church in America: Quiz


Question 1: The musical portion of the Lutheran liturgy includes ________, metrical responses and hymns.
CalvinismMetrical psalterPsalmsProtestant Reformation

Question 2: ELCA clergy tend not to subscribe to a doctrine of ________, but see validity in various scholarly methods of analysis to help in understanding the Bible.
Biblical inerrancyBiblical apocryphaNew TestamentBiblical canon

Question 3: It contains groups of socially conservative or liberal factions with focuses on various topics such as ________,[15][16] confessional Lutheranism, charismatic revivalism, moderate to liberal theology, and liberal activism.
Catholic ChurchAnglicanismLiturgical MovementTridentine Mass

Question 4: On August 21, 2009, the ELCA's Churchwide Assembly in ________ voted to ordain gays and lesbians in committed monogamous relationships to serve as clergy.
Saint Paul, MinnesotaMinneapolis – Saint PaulMinnesotaMinneapolis

Question 5: Those oriented toward Confessional Lutheranism, ________, or an admixture of the two include the WordAlone network and those involved with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ.
ChristianityProtestant ReformationEvangelicalismEcumenism

Question 6: In the mid-1970s the ________ controversy over use of historical-critical biblical study led to the formation of the Association of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, one of the predecessor bodies of the ELCA.
J. A. O. Preus IIEvangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaLutheran Church–Missouri SynodSeminex

Question 7: Like other Lutheran church bodies, the ELCA confesses at least two ________, Communion (or the Eucharist) and Holy Baptism (including infant baptism).
Justification (theology)LutheranismSacramentProtestant Reformation

Question 8: The ELCA describes itself as "a community supportive of life," and encourages women to explore alternatives to abortion such as ________.
ParentAdoptionFoster careNuclear family

Question 9: The LCMS was established in 1847 by German immigrants fleeing the forced Prussian Union, who settled in ________.
Perry County, MissouriSaint Francois County, MissouriSainte Genevieve County, MissouriCape Girardeau County, Missouri

Question 10: Its immigrant heritage came mostly from Germany, Norway, and ________.


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