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Question 1: In the ________, the party won one seat in the congress of the Spanish parliament, from the constituency of constituency of Guipuzcoa, with some 80,000 votes.
Spanish general election, 1989Spanish general election, 2008Spanish general election, 2004Spanish general election, 2000

Question 2: The party describes itself as a Basque nationalist, ________, popular, progressive and non-denominational party.
AuthoritarianismJohn LockeDemocracyGottfried Leibniz

Question 3: Recently, the party adopted the subtitle "Euskal Sozialdemokrazia" ("Basque ________").
Democratic socialismSocialist InternationalSocial democracyMarxism

Question 4: The ________ name means Basque Solidarity and abbreviated as EA.
Spanish languageCatalan languageBasque languageErromintxela

Question 5: Ramón Doral, an ertzain (Basque policeman) closely connected to PNV was convicted of ________ EA leaders for PNV.
Telephone tappingSurveillanceEavesdroppingCryptography

Question 6: They support the creation of an independent Basque Country, but see it as achievable through the project of the European Union, as a union of peoples, a federation of ________, not states.
NationEthnic groupNation stateLaw

Question 7: PRNV, ________, EMK,
BatasunaEusko AlkartasunaBasque Nationalist PartyAralar Party

Question 8: Eusko Alkartasuna is a ________ political party operating in Spain and France.
Basque Nationalist PartyCortes GeneralesBasque nationalismSpanish general election, 2004


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