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Question 1: Europol's aim is to improve the effectiveness and co-operation between the competent authorities of the member states primarily by sharing and pooling intelligence to prevent and combat serious international ________.
Organized crimeSerbian mafiaRussian MafiaGang

Question 2: It is a support service for the ________ of the EU member states.
PoliceCanadaLaw enforcement agencyFrance

Question 3: In 1998 the Europol Convention was ________ by all the member states and came into force in October.
United StatesReferendumRatificationFrance

Question 4: The Directorate of Europol is appointed by the ________ (Ministers for Justice and Home Affairs).
European CouncilCouncil of the European UnionBarroso CommissionEuropean Parliament

Question 5: ________ is an upcoming martial arts film.
Orphan (film)RocknRollaWhiteout (2009 film)Ninja Assassin

Question 6: Europol (portmanteau of European Police Office) is the ________'s criminal intelligence agency.
GermanyEuropean ParliamentDenmarkEuropean Union

Question 7: Europol is formally unaccountable for its actions to the ________, as well as to MPs from EU member countries.
European UnionEuropean CommissionBarroso CommissionEuropean Parliament

Question 8: Europol allocates its resources (625 staff, of these, approximately 120 Europol liaison officers (ELOs)) from its headquarters in ________.
LeidenRotterdamSouth HollandThe Hague

Question 9: Its mission is to make a significant contribution to the ________'s law enforcement efforts targeting organized crime.
DenmarkEuropean UnionEuropean ParliamentGermany

Question 10: • The character Johan Falk (Jacob Eklund) from ________ (see below) is returning to the screen in 2009 in six film parts of GSI – Gruppen för särskilda insatser (Swedish).
Stanford prison experimentThe Third WaveFascismThe Wave (novel)


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