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Question 1: According to lore based on the ________, it was killed by a boy who offered it a sheepskin filled with sulphur and tar.
Book of RevelationBook of EstherBook of Daniel2 Esdras

Question 2: In European folklore, a ________ is a serpentine legendary creature.
Phoenix (mythology)UnicornDragonCattle

Question 3: [2] This signum is described in the surviving epitome of Vegetius ________ 379 CE:
Roman NavyCastraDe Re MilitariRoman Empire

Question 4: From ________, the musrussu was a classic representation of a Near Eastern dragon.
Akkadian EmpireBabyloniaMesopotamiaBabylon

Question 5: According to Fox-Davies, the red dragon of Wales originated with the standard of the 7th century king ________, and was used as a supporter by the Tudor dynasty (who were of Welsh origin).
Maelgwn GwyneddRhodri Molwynog ap IdwalCadafael Cadomedd ap CynfeddwCadwaladr

Question 6: The word for dragon in Germanic mythology and its descendants is worm (Old English: wyrm, ________: wurm, Old Norse: ormr), meaning snake or serpent.
Gothic languageOld High GermanMiddle High GermanProto-Germanic

Question 7: Zmeys are intelligent, but not very highly so; they often place tribute on villages or small towns, demanding maidens for food, or ________.

Question 8: Roman dragons evolved from serpentine Greek ones, combined with the dragons of the Near East, in the mix that characterized the hybrid Greek/Eastern ________ culture.
Hellenistic civilizationHellenistic periodAncient GreeceAlexander the Great

Question 9: Dragons of ________ hold mixed temperaments towards humans.
PerunBelobogSlavic mythologyVeles (god)

Question 10: ________ and water play major roles in Bulgarian dragon lore; the female has water characteristics, whilst the male is usually a fiery creature.

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