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Question 1: ________, Prospect for a New Europe (1959)
Walter HallsteinBarroso CommissionJean MonnetEuropean Commission

Question 2: The ________ abolished the entire pillar system when it came into effect in December 2009.
Treaty of LisbonEuropean CouncilEuropean UnionTreaties of the European Union

Question 3: The Union superseded the ________, absorbing the European Economic Community as one of its three pillars and renaming it the European Community.
European CommunitiesBarroso CommissionEuropean Coal and Steel CommunityEuropean integration

Question 4: Only the European Communities, the Economic Community, the European Coal and Steel Community and ________ however had legal personality.
European CommunityEuropean CommissionEuropean Atomic Energy CommunityEuropean Union

Question 5: After the entry into force of the ________, the pillar structure ceased to exist, and the legal personality of the European Community pillar was transferred to the newly consolidated European Union.
Treaties of the European UnionEuropean CouncilTreaty of LisbonEuropean Union

Question 6: Hence, with the greater powers of the supranational institutions and the operation of ________ in the Council, the Community pillar could be described as a far more federal method of decision making.
European UnionCouncil of the European UnionTreaty of LisbonVoting in the Council of the European Union

Question 7: visas, ________, asylum) from the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) pillar to the European Community (JHA was renamed Police and Judicial Co-operation in Criminal Matters (PJCC) as a result).
AzerbaijanRefugeeIllegal immigrationSyria

Question 8: No attempt was made to renew its mandate; instead, the ________ transferred certain of its elements to the Treaty of Rome and hence its work continued as part of the EEC area of the Community's remit.
Treaty of LisbonTreaties of the European UnionTreaty establishing a Constitution for EuropeTreaty of Nice

Question 9: The European Community (EC) was between 1992 and 2009 the first of the ________ (EU).
Three pillars of the European UnionEuropean Economic CommunityEuropean CommunitiesEuropean Coal and Steel Community

Question 10: [1] Both Amsterdam and the ________ also extended codecision procedure to nearly all policy areas, giving Parliament equal power to the Council in the Community.
Treaty of NiceTreaty of LisbonTreaty establishing a Constitution for EuropeTreaties of the European Union


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