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European Communities: Quiz


Question 1: Following its proposal in 1950 in the Schuman Declaration, ________, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands came together to sign the Treaty of Paris in 1951 which established the Community.
DenmarkUnited KingdomBelgiumSpain

Question 2: The six founding countries were France, West Germany, Italy and the three Benelux countries: ________, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
SpainDenmarkUnited KingdomBelgium

Question 3: The first enlargement was in 1973, with the accession of ________, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Question 4: Each state also has a right to one European Commissioner each, although in the ________ they are not supposed to represent their national interest but that of the Community.
European CommissionEuropean External Action ServiceBarroso CommissionProdi Commission

Question 5: ________, Spain and Portugal joined throughout in the 1980s.

Question 6: In 1957, the EAEC and EEC were created by the ________.
European Economic CommunityTreaties of RomeEuropean Coal and Steel CommunityHistory of the European Union

Question 7: The Council is also composed of one national minister who represents their national ________.

Question 8: They shared the same governing institutions (those of the EEC) from 1967 until those institutions became those of the ________ (EU).
European ParliamentDenmarkGermanyEuropean Union

Question 9: It was intended that this would increase prosperity and decrease the risk of these countries going to war through the process of ________.
EurozoneEuropean integrationEuropean UnionSchengen Area

Question 10: Most other institutions, including the ________, have some form of national division of its members.
European UnionTreaties of the European UnionEuropean ParliamentEuropean Court of Justice


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