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Question 1: [9] The first hints of a subsurface ocean came from theoretical considerations of tidal heating (a consequence of Europa's slightly eccentric orbit and ________ with the other Galilean moons).
Natural satelliteSolar SystemOrbital resonancePluto

Question 2:
When was Europa (moon) discovered?

Question 3:

Question 4:
What is Europa (moon) also known as?
Jupiter II
1991 RG5
1951 RA
1979 SH

Question 5: [13] This hypothesis proposes that heat energy from ________ causes the ocean to remain liquid and drives geological activity.
Natural satelliteRoche limitTidal accelerationTidal locking

Question 6: [12] It is primarily made of silicate rock and likely has an ________ core.

Question 7: [59] Life could exist in its under-ice ocean, perhaps subsisting in an environment similar to Earth's deep-ocean hydrothermal vents or the Antarctic ________.
AntarcticaLake VostokNASAEuropa (moon)

Question 8: Other features present on Europa are circular and elliptical lenticulae (________ for "freckles").
LatinVulgar LatinOld LatinRoman Empire

Question 9: Though by a wide margin the least massive of the Galilean satellites, its mass nonetheless significantly exceeds the combined mass of all moons in the ________ smaller than itself.
EarthSolar SystemPlanetSun

Question 10: Marius attributed the proposal to ________.
Johannes KeplerScientific revolutionGalileo GalileiIsaac Newton


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