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Question 1: It produces reports of public opinion of certain issues relating to the ________ across the member states.
European ParliamentEuropean UnionDenmarkGermany

Question 2: The Standard Eurobarometer survey series is a cross-national longitudinal study, designed to compare and gauge trends within member states of the ________ (formerly European Communities).
GermanyDenmarkEuropean UnionEuropean Parliament

Question 3: In October 2001, the ________ launched a series of surveys in the 13 countries that were applying for European Union membership under the heading Candidate Eurobarometer (initially named Applicant Countries Eurobarometer or AC-EB).
Prodi CommissionEuropean External Action ServiceEuropean CommissionBarroso Commission

Question 4: The CC-EB surveys were carried out by Gallup Hungary ( in Bulgaria, Republic of Cyprus, ________, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Turkey.
FranceCroatiaCzech RepublicGreece

Question 5: In 1972-1973, national referendums were held regarding the enlargement of the European Community to include ________, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

Question 6: The Central and Eastern Eurobarometer series was carried out on behalf of the ________ between 1990 and 1997.
Prodi CommissionBarroso CommissionEuropean CommissionEuropean External Action Service

Question 7: Eurobarometer is a series of surveys regularly performed on behalf of the ________ since 1973.
European CommissionEuropean External Action ServiceProdi CommissionBarroso Commission

Question 8: In 1970 and 1971 the European Commission conducted surveys in the six member countries (at that time) of the European Community (________, France, West Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands).
United KingdomDenmarkBelgiumSpain


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