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Question 1: A prominent example of this usage is in the name of the Eurasian Economic Community, the organization including Kazakhstan, Russia, and some of their neighbors, and headquartered in Moscow and ________.

Question 2: He sometimes includes ________ in his definition of Eurasia.
MaghrebNorth AfricaMiddle EastEurope

Question 3: Eurasia is a ________, state or supranational entity appearing in several works of speculative fiction, including books, movies, television series and video games:
Fictional locationFictional countryFantasyNarrative mode

Question 4: Over recent decades the idea of a greater Eurasian history has developed with the aim of investigating the genetic, cultural and ________ relationships between European and Asian cultures of antiquity.

Question 5: He defined the dividing line along the ________, Dardanelles, Sea of Marmara, Bosporus, Black Sea, Kuma-Manych Depression, Caspian Sea, Ural River, and Ural Mountains.
Aegean SeaGreeceSamos IslandAegean civilizations

Question 6: usage of the term Western Hemisphere when referring to the concepts and organizations dealing with the ________ (e.g., Council on Hemispheric Affairs or Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation).
AmericasNorth AmericaAmericas (terminology)South America

Question 7: Eurasia is also sometimes used in geopolitics as a neutral way to refer to organizations of or affairs concerning the post-Soviet states, in particular ________, the Central Asian republics, and the Transcaucasian republics.
United StatesRussiaRussian cultureMoscow

Question 8: Often considered a single continent,[1] Eurasia comprises the traditional continents of Europe and ________ (and Eurasia is a portmanteau of the two), concepts which date back to classical antiquity and the borders for which are somewhat arbitrary.
SingaporeMiddle EastAsiaAfrica

Question 9: The ________ symbolizes trade and cultural exchange linking Eurasian cultures through history and has been an increasingly popular topic.
Tang DynastyHan DynastySilk RoadSino-Roman relations

Question 10: However, it may also refer to a person of both Asian and European parentage, especially in 'New World' countries such as ________, Canada, Singapore and the United States.
AustraliaJamaicaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

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