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Eumetazoa: Quiz


Question 1: It has been suggested that one type of molecular clock and one approach to interpretation of the fossil record both place the evolutionary origins of eumetazoa in the ________.
CambrianGeologic time scaleEdiacara biotaEdiacaran

Question 2:
What period does the fossils of the Eumetazoa come from?
Early Pliocene to Recent
Upper Silurian - Lower Carboniferous
Ediacaran u2013 Recent
Late Atdabanian

Question 3: The clade is usually held to contain at least Ctenophora, ________, and Bilateria.

Question 4: Over the last decade, the work of developmental biologists and molecular phylogeneticists spawned new ideas about bilaterian relationships resulting in a ________.
PseudoscienceParadigm shiftFalsifiabilityScientific revolution

Question 5: In his ________ book Animal Evolution: Interrelationships of the Living Phyla, he maintains the traditional divisions of Protostomia and Deuterostomia.

Question 6: Eumetazoans are a major group of animals in the Five Kingdoms classification of ________ and K.
Ernst W. MayrJames D. WatsonLynn MargulisGeorge Gaylord Simpson

Question 7: Characteristics of eumetazoans include true tissues organized into germ layers, and an embryo that goes through a ________ stage.
ArchenteronGastrulationRegional specificationCleavage (embryo)

Question 8: [4] The discoverers of Vernanimalcula describe it as the fossil of a bilateral triploblastic animal that appeared at the end of the Marinoan glaciation prior to the ________ Period, implying an even earlier origin for eumetazoans.
Geologic time scaleCambrianEdiacaranEdiacara biota

Question 9: Whether mesozoans and ________ belong is in dispute.


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