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Question 1: Local yangbans and commoners joined ________.
KoreaGangwon (historical)Righteous ArmyKorean independence movement

Question 2: In a joint statement on 23 June 2005, officials of South Korea and ________ reiterated their stance that the Eulsa treaty be null and void on a claim of coercion by the Japanese.
North KoreaVietnamKorean PeninsulaKorean People's Navy

Question 3: The Eulsa Treaty or Japan-Korea Protectorate Treaty was made between the ________ and the Korean Empire on 17 November 1905, influenced by the result of the Russo-Japanese War.
Shōwa periodImperial Japanese ArmyEmpire of JapanImperial Japanese Navy

Question 4: On 17 November 1905, the Korean cabinet signed an agreement that had been prepared by ________ in the Deoksu Jungmyeongjeon, a European-style building that was once part of Deoksu Palace[3].
Saionji KinmochiTerauchi MasatakeTanaka GiichiItō Hirobumi

Question 5: The Eulsa Treaty and the subsequent ________ between Korea and Japan were mutually declared "already null and void" explicitly by the Treaty on Basic Relations between Japan and the Republic of Korea of 1965.
Unequal TreatiesKorea under Japanese ruleChiang Kai-shekChinese language

Question 6: The treaty in effect made Korea a protectorate of ________.
CambodiaUnited KingdomCanadaJapan


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