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Question 1: After the Battle of Aspern-Essling, Napoleon recalled the Army of Italy and after joining the main army, on the island of Lobau in the Danube, Eugène took part in the ________.
War of the Fifth CoalitionBattle of WagramGrande ArméeBattle of Teugen-Hausen

Question 2: He was born in Paris, ________ and became the stepson and adopted child (but not the heir to the imperial throne) of Napoleon.
FranceUnited KingdomCanadaItaly

Question 3: He commanded the Army of Italy and was ________ of Italy under his stepfather.
AudienciaViceroySpanish EmpirePortugal

Question 4: In Egypt, Eugène was wounded during the ________.
Siege of JaffaBattle of the NileSiege of Acre (1799)Battle of Abukir (1799)

Question 5: During the War of the ________, Eugène was put in command of the Army of Italy, with General Étienne-Jacques-Joseph-Alexandre MacDonald as his military advisor.
War of the Fifth CoalitionGrande ArméeNapoleonic WarsWar of the Third Coalition

Question 6: Prince Auguste Charles Eugène Napoléon de Beauharnais, 2nd Duke of Leuchtenberg, (1810–1835) married Queen ________.
Maria II of PortugalBeatrice of PortugalMaria I of PortugalJanuária Maria, Princess Imperial of Brazil

Question 7: His natural father was executed during the revolutionary ________.
Reign of TerrorFrench RevolutionNational ConventionJacques Hébert

Question 8: In the Italian campaigns of 1796–1797, Eugène served as aide-de-camp to his stepfather, whom he also accompanied to ________.

Question 9: When Napoleon became First Consul, Eugène became a captain in the Chasseurs à Cheval of the Consular Guard and with his squadron he took part in the ________.
Battle of MarengoBattle of Montebello (1800)Battle of Cassano (1799)French Revolutionary Wars


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