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Eudicots: Quiz


Question 1:
What period does the fossils of the Eudicots come from?
Early Cretaceous - Recent
Thanetian to Present
Miocene - Pleistocene
Pleistocene u2013 Recent

Question 2:
What divisio is Eudicots a part of?

Question 3: A few are forget-me-not, cabbage, ________, dandelion, buttercup, maple and macadamia.
York ImperialZestar AppleGranny SmithApple

Question 4: Another name for the eudicots is tricolpates, a name which refers to the structure of the ________.
PollenFlowering plantSeedPlant

Question 5: The name "tricolpates" is preferred by some botanists in order to avoid confusion with the ________, a non-monophyletic group (Judd & Olmstead 2004).
Cronquist systemDicotyledonThorne system (1992)Dahlgren system

Question 6: It is applied to a ________, a monophyletic group, which includes most of the (former) dicotyledons.
PhylogeneticsGhost lineageCladeComputational phylogenetics

Question 7: [1] Basal eudicots is an informal name for a ________ group.
CladisticsDNA barcodingCladeParaphyly

Question 8: The term means, literally, "true dicotyledons" as it contains the majority of plants that have been considered ________ and have typical dicotyledonous characters.
Cronquist systemThorne system (1992)DicotyledonDahlgren system

Question 9: The name eudicots (plural) is used in the ________, of 1998, and APG II system, of 2003, for classification of angiosperms.
APG systemDicotyledonRosalesMalpighiales

Question 10: The term "eudicots" has been widely adopted to refer to one of the two largest ________ of angiosperms, monocots being the other.
CladeGhost lineagePhylogeneticsComputational phylogenetics


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