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Question 1: The ________ linguists and grammarians of ancient India were the first to make a comprehensive analysis of linguistics and etymology.

Question 2: Even though etymological research originally grew from the philological tradition, nowadays much etymological research is done on ________ where little or no early documentation is available, such as Uralic and Austronesian.
Altaic languagesLanguage isolateLanguage familyMayan languages

Question 3: ________ compiled a volume of etymologies to illuminate the triumph of religion.
Pope Gregory IAugustine of HippoIsidore of SevilleHistory of the Catholic Church

Question 4: [37]________, early 2nd century CE Chinese Etymology dictionary by Xu Shen
ShimingShuowen JieziEryaKangxi Dictionary

Question 5: Though more than half of the words in English either come from the ________ or have a French cognate, most of the common words used are still of Germanic origin.
French languageSpanish languageRomanian languagePortuguese language

Question 6: ________ employed etymologies insecurely based on fancied resemblances in sounds.
Alexander the GreatPlatoPlutarchDemosthenes

Question 7: The study of Sanskrit etymology has provided Western scholars the basis of ________ and modern etymology.
Comparative linguisticsHistorical linguisticsPhonologyMorphology (linguistics)

Question 8: [1] The Greek poet ________ (b.
PindarAncient GreeceDemosthenesAeschylus

Question 9: English derives from ________ (sometimes referred to as Anglo-Saxon), a West Germanic variety, although its current vocabulary includes words from many languages.
Middle EnglishGreat Vowel ShiftOld EnglishMiddle High German

Question 10: From Antiquity through the 17th century, from Pāṇini to ________ to Sir Thomas Browne, etymology had been a form of witty wordplay, in which the supposed origins of words were changed to satisfy contemporary requirements.
PindarDemosthenesAncient GreeceAeschylus

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