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Ethylmorphine: Quiz


Question 1: Ethylmorphine was invented in Germany at Merck in 1884 and was used as a weaker alternative to ________ for all indications.

Question 2: Morphine is a powerful ________ and the main active compound found in naturally occurring opium.
AnalgesicDissociativeNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugStimulant

Question 3: After ingestion, ethylmorphine is converted to morphine in the human liver by the CYP450-isozyme ________, similarly to codeine.

Question 4: Ethylmorphine is "less potent than morphine" but "more potent than ________" by a small percentage.

Question 5: This series includes ________, dihydrocodeine, ethylmorphine, dihydroethylmorphine, benzylmorphine (Peronine), acetyldihydrocodeine, nicocodeine, nicodicodeine, hydrocodone, thebacon, oxycodone, acetylcodone, methyldihydromorphine and others.

Question 6: Chemically, ethylmorphine is a morphine ________ with a -OC2H5 group substituted for the aromatic 3-OH group.

Question 7: Ethylmorphine (also known as codethyline, dionine, and ethyl morphine) is an opiate narcotic ________ (pain killer).
DissociativeNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugStimulantAnalgesic

Question 8: Therefore the closest chemical relative of ethylmorphine is ________, also known as methylmorphine.

Question 9: Opioids are known of causing severe ________, in addition to psychological addiction.
Benzodiazepine withdrawal syndromePhysical dependenceDrug abuseBenzodiazepine dependence

Question 10: Conversely, barbiturate compounds such as ________ induce the same enzyme, which rapidly increases the metabolism of ethylmorpine.

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