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Question 1: Ethnography has connections to genres as diverse as travel writing, colonial office reports, the play and the ________.

Question 2: ________ and social anthropology were developed around ethnographic research and their canonical texts which are mostly ethnographies: e.g.
Sociocultural evolutionCultural anthropologyCultureLinguistic anthropology

Question 3: Scholars of ________ use ethnographic research methods to analyze communication behaviors, seeking to answer the "why" and "how come" questions of human communication.
Jürgen HabermasTheodor W. AdornoSociologyCommunication studies

Question 4: Ethnography (Greek ἔθνος ethnos = folk/people and γράφειν graphein = writing) is a qualitative research method often used in the social sciences, particularly in ________ and in sociology.
Social anthropologyCultural anthropologyCultureAnthropology

Question 5: ________, economics, social work, education, ethnomusicology, folklore, geography, history, linguistics, communication studies, performance studies, psychology and criminology are other fields which have made use of ethnography.
SociologyMarxismCultureCultural studies

Question 6: In the 1980s, the rhetoric of ethnography was subjected to intense scrutiny within the discipline, under the general influence of ________ and post-colonial/post-structuralist thought.
NovelLiterary criticismPoetryLiterary theory

Question 7: ________ is another field which prominently features ethnographies.
Social structureTalcott ParsonsSociologySystems theory

Question 8: As ethnography developed, anthropologists grew more interested in less tangible aspects of culture, such as values, worldview and what ________ termed the "ethos" of the culture.
Clifford GeertzIslamHarvard UniversityPhiladelphia

Question 9: "Experimental" ethnographies that reveal the ferment of the discipline include Shamanism, Colonialism, and the Wild Man by ________, Debating Muslims by Michael F.
Michael TaussigAnthropologyMimesisKarl Marx

Question 10: ________'s own fieldwork used elements of a phenomenological approach to fieldwork, tracing not just the doings of people, but the cultural elements themselves.
Harvard UniversityPhiladelphiaIslamClifford Geertz


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