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Ethnocracy: Quiz


Question 1: In his book Power-Sharing in South Africa [3], Arend Lijphart classifies contemporary constitutional proposals for a solution to the conflict in ________ into four categories:
MauritiusSouth AfricaCanadaSierra Leone

Question 2: ________ (power-sharing by proportional representation and elite accommodation) (1985:5)
DemocracyConstitutional republicRepublicConsociationalism

Question 3: Ethnocracy can also be a political regime which is instituted on the basis of qualified rights to ________, and with ethnic affiliation (defined in terms of race, descent, religion, or language) as the distinguishing principle.
Honorary Canadian citizenshipCitizenshipAncient GreeceLaw

Question 4: Similar references have also been made to the ________[2].
Palestinian National AuthorityIsraelPalestinian peoplePalestinian territories

Question 5: Uganda under dictator ________ has also been described as an ethnocracy favouring certain indigenous groups over others, as well as for the ethnic cleansing of Indians in Uganda by Amin.
Yoweri MuseveniThabo MbekiMuammar al-GaddafiIdi Amin

Question 6: ________
Human rights in EstoniaHuman rights in LatviaHuman rights in IcelandHuman rights in Germany

Question 7: There is a spectrum of opinion among authors as to the classification of ________, spanning from Liberal or Civic Democracy [5][6] through Ethnic democracy[7] to Ethnocracy.

Question 8: [9] Israeli researchers Oren Yiftachel and As’ad Ghanem consider ________ as an ethnocracy[10][11].

Question 9: The minority ethnic groups are systematically ________ against by the state and may face repressions or violations of human rights at the hands of state organs.
AgeismDiscriminationRacismRacial segregation


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