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Question 1: As public awareness of racism has increased, racial and ethnic jokes have become increasingly socially unacceptable in recent years, and have become socially ________ to tell in public in many regions.

Question 2: It is sometimes held that such ________ must contain a grain of truth; research suggests that this is most often not the case.
RacismAntisemitismEthnic cleansingStereotype

Question 3: Ethnic jokes are often considered to be offensive and as a form of ________.
Hate crimeGenocideHate speechEthnic cleansing

Question 4: ________ (and sometimes Poles as well) are also a common target of ethnic jokes within Europe and North America.
Jewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsJewsAntisemitism

Question 5: People with different skin colour may be singled out for offensive jokes, with ________ being an example of a common target in certain countries.
Black peopleAfrican diasporaMiscegenationWhite people

Question 6: People of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi descent, who are a substantial ________ in England, are the target of similar jokes.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaMinority groupUnited KingdomGermany

Question 7: A common ethnic joke format is the "stupid person" joke, where the ________, who is the butt of the joke, belongs to an ethnic group singled out for abuse.
RhetoricGreek mythologyAristotleStock character

Question 8: ________ jokes are often aimed at minorities within certain regions, or peoples from neighbouring areas.
Indigenous peoplesEthnic groupMoresSouth Asian ethnic groups

Question 9: Ethnic jokes come and go with social change, particularly with waves of immigration from one country to another; for example, Polish jokes, which are common in the ________.
CanadaUnited StatesAlaskaPhilippines

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