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Ethnic groups in the Philippines: Quiz


Question 1: The majority of Filipinos descended from a group of ________ and Negrito, who settled in the islands about 6,000, and 30,000 years ago, respectively.
Taiwanese aboriginesTaiwanese peopleReligion in TaiwanTaiwan under Japanese rule

Question 2: The term Visayans refer to several ethnolinguistic groups living in the ________ region.

Question 3: [6]:3 Kapampangans, along with the Tagalogs, played a major role in the ________.
José RizalKatipunanAndrés BonifacioPhilippine Revolution

Question 4: They include Cebuano,[15] Ilonggo,[16] and ________.
Kinaray-a languageIlokano languageTagalog languageWaray-Waray

Question 5: The Sambal are the inhabitants of the province of Zambales, and the city of ________ in the Philippines.
Malolos CityOlongapo CityDigos CityLegazpi City

Question 6: Far more numerous were Chinese immigrant workers, known as ________, as many were traders.
SangleySpanish EmpireChinese FilipinoPhilippines

Question 7: According to the Ministry of Foreign affairs of ________, there are 12,913 Japanese nationals residing in the Philippines as of October 2005.
CanadaCambodiaUnited KingdomJapan

Question 8: Some of these ________ individuals are descended from Americans who settled in the Philippines during the United States colonial period, and others from tourists who have settled in the Philippines in the contemporary period.
EnglandMiscegenationMultiracialInterracial marriage

Question 9: The tribes of Palawan are a diverse group of tribes primarily located in the island of ________ and its outlying islands.
PalawanPhilippinesPangasinanPuerto Princesa City

Question 10: The ________, Aeta, Batak, and Mamanwa lived in remote areas throughout the islands.
Chamorro peopleAustronesian peoplesGuamNegrito


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