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Question 1: Single-stranded ________ can also be detected, since it usually folds back onto itself and thus provides local base pairing for the dye to intercalate.
Non-coding RNARNADNASmall interfering RNA

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Ethidium bromide (IUPAC)
3,8-Diamino-5-ethyl-6-phenylphenanthridinium bromide
3-Hydroxy-4-oxo-4H-pyran-2,6-dicarboxylic acid
Pentyl butanoate

Question 3: By moving into this ________ environment and away from the solvent, the ethidium cation is forced to shed any water molecules that were associated with it.
SuperhydrophobeHydrophileHydrophobeChemical polarity

Question 4: In the case of ________ this is usually double-stranded DNA from PCRs, restriction digests, etc.

Question 5: When exposed to ultraviolet light, it will fluoresce with an orange colour, intensifying almost 20-fold after binding to ________.

Question 6: Ethidium bromide may be a mutagen, ________ or teratogen although this depends on the organism and conditions employed.

Question 7: As with most fluorescent compounds, ethidium bromide is ________.
Conjugated systemAromaticityChemical bondCovalent bond

Question 8: This can affect DNA biological processes, like ________ and transcription.
Primer (molecular biology)TelomeraseReplication forkDNA replication

Question 9: Instead, the ________ environment found between the base pairs is believed to be responsible.
SuperhydrophobeHydrophileHydrophobeChemical polarity

Question 10: Ethidium bromide is an intercalating agent commonly used as a fluorescent tag (nucleic acid stain) in molecular biology laboratories for techniques such as ________.
Agarose gel electrophoresisPolymerase chain reactionDNASDS-PAGE


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