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  • although experts expected ethanol cars (example pictured) to underperform their petrol counterparts, Polestar Racing's E85-powered S60 won the first two races of the 2007 Swedish Touring Car Championship?

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Question 1: Glucose (a simple sugar) is created in the plant by ________.
Cell wallPlant physiologyPhotosynthesisAlgae

Question 2: Together, Brazil and the ________ lead the industrial world in global ethanol production, accounting together for 70% of the world's production[62] and nearly 90% of ethanol used for fuel.
PhilippinesUnited StatesCanadaAlaska

Question 3: Creation of ethanol starts with ________ causing a feedstock, such as sugar cane or corn, to grow.
AlgaeCell wallPhotosynthesisPlant

Question 4: Sugarcane production in the United States occurs in ________, Louisiana, Hawaii, and Texas.
FloridaNorth CarolinaMassachusettsNew Jersey

Question 5: The plan also calls for an increase in ethanol producing crops and tax breaks for flex-fuel vehicles and other ________.
Alternative fuel vehicleHybrid vehiclePlug-in hybridElectric car

Question 6: ________
Ethanol fuelIssues relating to biofuelsIndirect land use change impacts of biofuelsLow-carbon fuel standard

Question 7: In any case, some companies proposed building a 1,700-mile pipeline to carry ethanol from the ________ through Central Pennsylvania to New York.
Southern United StatesNortheastern United StatesWestern United StatesMidwestern United States

Question 8: [108][109] On the same day, President ________ signed a Presidential Directive with the aim to advance biofuels research and improve their commercialization.
2004 Democratic National ConventionBarack ObamaJohn Edwards2008 Democratic National Convention

Question 9: Legislation in ________ imposes a 10% cap on the concentration of fuel ethanol blends.
CanadaAustraliaUnited KingdomBarbados

Question 10: ________ is the second source of ethanol, and potatoes and castor oil are also being studied.
Sweet potatoPhilippinesMaizeCassava

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