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Eta: Quiz


Question 1: Textual criticism, the ________ (from Hesychius, its once-supposed editor).
Alexandrian text-typeCodex AlexandrinusCodex VaticanusByzantine text-type

Question 2: ________, the seventh brightest (usually) star in a constellation.
AstronomyAstrophysicsSunTheoretical astronomy

Question 3: In ________, it represented a long open-mid front unrounded vowel, /ɛː/.
Aegean civilizationsHellenistic GreeceGreeceClassical Greece

Question 4: Letters that arose from Eta include the Latin ________ and the Cyrillic letter И.

Question 5: Mathematics, η-conversion, see ________
Functional programmingMathematical logicProgramming languageLambda calculus

Question 6: ________, the hapticity, or the number of electrons shared between a metal center and a ligand in a coordination compound.
Periodic tableChemistryInorganic chemistryElectrochemistry

Question 7: ________, the refractive index of an optical medium (although the letter n is more common).
OpticsTransparency and translucencyAnti-reflective coatingOptical fiber

Question 8: Eta was also borrowed with the sound value of [i] into the ________, where it gave rise to the Cyrillic letter И.
YatGlagolitic alphabetPhoenician alphabetCyrillic alphabet

Question 9: ________, η2 is the "partial regression coefficient".
Regression analysisProbabilityStatisticsMathematical statistics

Question 10: [1] In 403 BC, ________ took over the Ionian spelling system and with it the vocalic use of H (even though it still also had the /h/ sound itself at that time).

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