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Question 1:
Estuary, Fish and Coral reef are all:
Fisheries Geodesy Water Coastal and oceanic landforms

Question 2: Many animals also burrow to avoid ________ and to live in the more stable sedimental environment.
Apex predatorPredationCarnivoreHerbivore

Question 3: As ecosystems, estuaries are under threat from human activities such as pollution and ________.
Wild fisheriesFisheries managementSustainable fisheriesOverfishing

Question 4: What does the following picture show?

  River Nith estuary
  River Nith estuary
  Estuary mouth located in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia
  Amazon estuary

Question 5: The main plankton present are ________ and dinoflagellates which are abundant in the sediment.

Question 6: Inundation from eustatic sea level rise during the ________ Epoch has also contributed to the formation of these estuaries.
Pleistocene10th millennium BCGeologic time scaleHolocene

Question 7: Estuaries are a dynamic ________ with a connection with the open sea through which the seawater enters accordingly to the rhythm of the tides.
Systems ecologyEcosystem ecologyEcosystemEcology

Question 8:
Estuary, Global Positioning System and Elevation are all:
Geodesy Coastal and oceanic landforms Fisheries Water

Question 9: An estuary is a partly enclosed ________ body of water with one or more rivers or streams flowing into it, and with a free connection to the open sea.
CoastWind waveCoral reefBeach

Question 10: The seawater entering the estuary is diluted by the ________ flowing from rivers and streams.
FreshwaterLakeEarthWater resources


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