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Question 1: The Chronicle of Henry of Livonia mentions Tharapita as the superior god of Oeselians (inhabitants of ________ island), also well known to Vironian tribes in northern Estonia.

Question 2:
What is the native name for Estonia
Arquipu00E9lago de Trindade e Martim Vaz
Eesti Vabariik
Herzogtum Livland

Question 3:

Question 4: The Estonian National Defence Policy aim is to guarantee the preservation of the independence and sovereignty of the state, the ________ of its land, territorial waters, airspace and its constitutional order.
TruthVirtueScientific methodIntegrity

Question 5:
Which of the following is an officially recognised ethnic group in Estonia?
5% Amerindian)
Rapanui 60%, European or mestizo 39%, Amerindian 1%
25.6 % Russian
98.5% Japanese, 0.5% Korean, 0.4% Chinese, 0.6% other

Question 6: Reval (known as Tallinn since 1918) gained Lübeck Rights in 1248 and joined an alliance of trading guilds called the ________ at the end of the thirteenth century.
Hanseatic LeagueSzczecinGdańskHamburg

Question 7:
What time offset in UTC is Estonia in during daylight savings?

Question 8: The United States, United Kingdom, ________ and the majority of other Western democracies considered illegal the annexation of Estonia by the USSR.

Question 9:
What is directly west of Estonia?

Question 10: A more troubled and war-ridden middle ________ followed with external dangers coming both from the Baltic tribes, who attacked across the southern land border, and from overseas.
Ancient Near EastLa Tène cultureIron AgeIron Age China

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