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Esterase: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (Bile salt dependent, Gastric/Lingual, Pancreatic, Lysosomal, Hormone-sensitive, Endothelial, Hepatic, Lipoprotein, Monoacylglycerol, Diacylglycerol)
LipasePhosphatasePhospholipase A2PDE2

Question 2:
  • ________, removes phosphate groups from many types of molecules, including nucleotides, proteins, and alkaloids.
    Alkaline phosphatasePhospholipase A2Aspartate transaminaseReference ranges for blood tests

Question 3: EC 3.1.15: ________ active with either ribo- or deoxy-
ExonucleaseRNase PRestriction enzymePhosphodiesterase

Question 4: An esterase is a hydrolase enzyme that splits esters into an ________ and an alcohol in a chemical reaction with water called hydrolysis.
OxygenAcid dissociation constantAcidAcid–base reaction

Question 5: A wide range of different esterases exist that differ in their substrate specificity, their ________, and their biological function.
X-ray crystallographyProtein structureProtein structure predictionProtein folding

Question 6: Pseudocholinesterase, broad substrate specificity, found in the blood plasma and in the ________
PancreasLiverImmune systemEndocrine system

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