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Question 1: Excessive sodium in the sailors' diets and malnutrition led to ________, blackouts, enfeeblement, boils, edema, and magnesium deficiency which caused bizarre and violent behavior.
DiarrheaVomitingTraveler's diarrheaGastroenteritis

Question 2: The ship sank 2,000 ________ (3,700 km) west of the western coast of South America.
Nautical mileKilometreKnot (unit)Latitude

Question 3: Benjamin Lawrence, Owen Chase, and Thomas Nickerson survived through similarly desperate measures, and were rescued by the British merchant ________ Indian 93 days after the Essex sank.
Fore-and-aft rigBrigGaff rigFull rigged ship

Question 4: The Essex left Nantucket in 1819 on a two-and-a-half-year voyage to the ________ grounds of the South Pacific.
WhalingOcean fisheriesWhaling controversyCetacean bycatch

Question 5: The incident was an inspiration for ________'s 1851 classic novel Moby-Dick.
Joshua SlocumJoseph ConradHerman MelvilleArthur Ransome

Question 6: Both men by that time were so completely ________ that they did not even notice the Dauphin alongside them.
HypochondriasisDefence mechanismPassive–aggressive behaviorDissociation

Question 7: All were smokers and suffered severe tobacco ________ once their supply ran out.
Social anxiety disorderAnxiety disorderAddictionWithdrawal

Question 8: As noted above, word of the sinking reached a young ________ when, while serving on the whaler Acushnet, he met the son of Owen Chase who was serving on another whaler.
Joshua SlocumArthur RansomeJoseph ConradHerman Melville

Question 9: The Essex was an American whaleship from ________.
Nantucket, MassachusettsWorcester, MassachusettsBarnstable, MassachusettsNew Bedford, Massachusetts


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