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Essential nutrient: Quiz


Question 1: ________ (pyridoxine, pyridoxamine, or pyridoxal)
Vitamin B6Vitamin B12B vitaminsPyridoxal phosphate

Question 2: ________ and oxygen are also essential for human health and life, as oxygen cannot be synthesized by the body, and water, while a biochemical reaction product of metabolism, is not created in sufficient amounts.
HydrogenEarthWater resourcesWater

Question 3: ________ (Co) (as part of Vitamin B-12)

Question 4: ________ (S) numerous roles[5]

Question 5: ________ (folic acid, folate, vitamin M)
Folic acidCyanocobalaminCholineMelatonin

Question 6: For none of these elements, however, has a specific protein, complex or ________ been established:
Reference Daily IntakeVitaminDietary Reference IntakeNutrition

Question 7: For example, most mammals synthesize their own ________, and it is therefore not considered an essential nutrient for such species.
BiotinPyrroloquinoline quinonePyridoxal phosphateAscorbic acid

Question 8: ________ (the shortest chain omega-6 fatty acid)
Eicosapentaenoic acidButyric acidArachidonic acidLinoleic acid

Question 9: Some categories of essential nutrients include vitamins, ________, essential fatty acids, and essential amino acids.
Dietary mineralZinc gluconateCarnitineMelatonin

Question 10: ________ said of vitamin B3, (either niacin or niacinamide), "What astonished me was the very low toxicity of a substance that has such very great physiological power.
Glenn T. SeaborgRoger AdamsMelvin CalvinLinus Pauling


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