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Espace Léopold: Quiz


Question 1: The figure carries an "E", the symbol of the ________ and as a sign of unity.
EurozonePound sterlingEuropean Central BankEuro

Question 2: ________ was the German chancellor from 1949 to 1963.
Willy BrandtLyndon B. JohnsonKonrad AdenauerHelmut Kohl

Question 3: Due to the failure of leaders to agree on a single seat, the Parliament desired full infrastructure in both Brussels and ________, where the parliament's official seat is located.

Question 4: info) (Dutch) is the complex of parliament buildings in Brussels (________) housing the European Parliament, a legislative chamber of the European Union.
BelgiumDenmarkSpainUnited Kingdom

Question 5: The Paul-Henri Spaak building (PHS), named after former President ________, houses the hemicycle for plenary sessions in that city, as well as a press centre and offices for the Parliament's President and senior Parliament staff.
Amintore FanfaniPaul-Henri SpaakEelco van KleffensGaston Thorn

Question 6: The complex is not the official seat of Parliament, which is the Immeuble Louise Weiss in Strasbourg, ________, but as most of the other institutions of the European Union are in Brussels, Parliament built the Brussels complex in order to be closer to their activities.
FranceUnited KingdomItalyCanada

Question 7: At the death of ________, Polish MEPs tried to get the new buildings named after him,[8] though this was opposed on grounds of secular government and that he did not contribute to the Parliament.
Catholic ChurchPope Pius XIPope John Paul IIPope Paul VI

Question 8: Meanwhile, the parliament's press room was named after the assassinated Russian journalist, ________.
Sergei KovalevKofi AnnanLyudmila AlexeyevaAnna Politkovskaya

Question 9: In Brussels an international congress centre (unofficially intended as the Parliament) was built with the backing of the Generale Maatschappij/Société Générale and ________ who joined forces on the project in 1987.
DexiaUBS AGFortis (finance)Wachovia

Question 10: The Altiero Spinelli building (ASP, formerly D3), named after parliamentarian ________, primarily houses the offices of MEPs and political groups.
European ParliamentEuropean UnionEuropean integrationAltiero Spinelli


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