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Question 1: [6] They were formerly very rare vagrants to western ________, but there have been no recent records.
Eastern EuropeEuropeWestern EuropeBalkans

Question 2: Eskimo Curlews migrated to the pampas of ________ in the late summer and returned in February.
Buenos AiresChileBrazilArgentina

Question 3: (editors) (1996): ________, Volume 3: Hoatzin to auks.
Old World babblerHandbook of the Birds of the WorldOld World warblerHoneyeater

Question 4: ________.
Endangered speciesExtinctionIUCN Red ListConservation status

Question 5: This species is fully protected in ________, Canada, the United States, and Mexico.
BrazilBuenos AiresChileArgentina

Question 6: Members of this species bred on the tundra of western arctic Canada and ________.
AlaskaUnited StatesNorthwestern United StatesWashington

Question 7: At one time, the Eskimo Curlew may have been one of the most numerous shorebirds in ________ with a population in the millions.
South AmericaNorth AmericaAmericasAmericas (terminology)

Question 8: In the 1950s the Eskimo Curlew was a subject of the ________ comic strip by Ed Dodd and Tom Hill.
Flash GordonJungle JimMark TrailMandrake the Magician

Question 9: The last confirmed sightings were in 1962 on Galveston Island, ________ (photographed) and on Barbados in 1963 (specimen).
TexasIllinoisOklahomaUnited States

Question 10: When returning to North America, they would fly north through the ________.
Midwestern United StatesSouthern United StatesGreat PlainsWestern United States


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